Connecting to MathLAN from Off Campus

### How to Connect to MathLAN from Off Campus Individuals are required to authenticate with a public/private key pair *and* with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication to establish a connection to MathLAN from off-campus. #### Connecting with SSH In order to accommodate different methods of Duo authentication, two gateways are configured. For individuals using Duo push notifications, ** is configured to accept a public/private key pair and automatically push a notification to the Duo app as the second factor. Under this method, no prompt is received on the command line. For individuals using Duo tokens or one-time codes from the Duo app, ** will be configured to accept a public/private key pair and a Duo code. Under this method individuals will receive a prompt at the command line (or through FastX) to enter the code. Individuals who have not already set up a public/private key pair under their account on MathLAN, can do so by following the instructions provided [here]( Individuals will also need to be enrolled in Duo. If you have not completed the enrollment process, please contact the Technology Services Desk and request that your invitation be resent. Once you have completed Duo enrollment and have configured a public/private key pair, you'll be able to connect via SSH or FastX from off campus. #### Connecting with FastX If you wish to be connected to a desktop environment with FastX from an off campus connection, you'll need to complete the steps above to configure a public/private key pair, and enroll in Duo. Then, to connect to a desktop session, direct your browser to At the login window you'll need to enter your Grinnell College username and add your private key to the browser's local storage. To add the key: 1. Check the box to Use Public Key Authentication 2. Click Manage Private Keys 3. Click Upload Private Key File 4. Select and Choose your private key file 5. Click Close 6. Click Login ![FastX: Using your private key]({{ "/assets/FastXAddKey.gif" | absolute_url }}) You will then be prompted to complete Duo authentication. Then you can launch an XFCE destop session. ### Questions and Feedback If you have comments or questions about connecting from off campus, please reach out to Mike Conner at [connerms].